Category: Past Events
Published on: May 23, 2016

Bahria University hosted Open House 2016, which gave opportunity to final year students from Departments of Engineering and Computer Sciences to display their final year projects. Open House showcased some of the most brilliant projects from Bahria University.

The event took place at the Gymnasium Hall of Bahria University Islamabad and honored by the Rector Vice Admiral (R) Tanveer Faiz HI(M) Bahria University. Also present on the occasion were the Director General Rear Admiral (R) Saleem Akhtar HI(M) and Director Campus Cdre (R) Syed Hasan Mustafa SI(M).

There were in total 102 projects from diverse engineering branches including software engineering, control systems, communication systems, embedded systems, robotics, radio communications and wireless communication. The ceremony concluded with the Awards presentation for the top 3 projects in each department.

Renowned companies from the national and multi-national sector visited Open House as a part of university’s ongoing Academics-Industry collaboration. The representatives appreciated the innovative projects designed by the students and conducted interviews for hiring fresh graduates of the university in their respective organizations.

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