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Published on: March 28, 2020

This is to inform our valued BU STUDENTS that Bahria University is committed towards maintaining the quality of education for its students. The Management is continuously monitoring the E-learning mechanism devised by HEC for distance learning of students and is being practiced at all campuses of BU.

We appreciate your feedback.  All concerns and limitations (including internet access challenges in remote areas and lab requirement for certain programs etc.) being faced by BU students as well as Faculty are well in knowledge of BU Management and are being catered in the best possible way. We are evaluating different scenarios and multiple options based on the data collected, which shows some courses are showing gaps while others are working seamlessly well.

DON’T WORRY! Your Concerns related to Attendance, Examinations/Assessments/Grade Evaluations in ongoing semester & others will be fully addressed in the best interest of students as well as learning objectives & goals of our institution.

BU encourages and advises all students to keep attending online classes and stay in contact with respective Teachers for their guidelines.  Despite all challenges at hand, our firm commitment and TOP PRIORITY IS TO MINIMIZE ACADEMIC LOSS OF BU STUDENTS till the time everything gets back to normal.

Once the University reopens progress made through online classes will be reviewed and the semester will be extended according to the academic loss and giving prime consideration to safeguarding the interests and learning outcomes of the students

May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless our beloved country and humanity across the globe to overcome this Global Challenge.