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Bahria University is a Federally Chartered Public Sector University. The principal seat of Bahria University is at Islamabad and campuses are at Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Bahria University was established by the Pakistan Navy in 2000, and since then it has steadily grown into one of the leading higher education institutions in Pakistan. It plays a major role in grooming future leaders who can make a positive difference to the world around them. Bahria is a comprehensive university having multidisciplinary programs that includes Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Psychology and Maritime Studies.


3 Campuses, 16,500+ Students, 1400 Faculty Members, 2 Business Incubation Centers and 1 Business Accelerator Center.

Bahria Innovation Center

Bahria Innovation Center (BIC), Islamabad are committed towards building a strong entrepreneurial eco-system for nurturing innovation for Startups in Pakistan.

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Incubation Center at BU has been duly recognized by the world bank in its independent annual report as the top four University Incubators in the region.

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While the expertise of BU researchers spans across variety of domains ranging from Engineering, Computer Science and Earth/Environmental Sciences to Law, Media, Social Sciences, Psychology and Medical Sciences, following ten major areas of research are under focus of BU and its researchers:


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Bahria Innovation Center (BIC)

Bahria Innovation Center aims to provide all-inclusive support and facilities to all its components for a state-of-the-art center to foster networking for its startups, SME’s and Commercial Research/spinoffs.

The Maker space provides all students with the opportunity to access state of the art electronic test equipment and instrumentation. With dedicated hardware and software space, the lab helps and encourages student researchers to work on supplemental learning projects.

The center provide workplace, virtual incubation services, training, HR support, technology support, access to finance and help startups growth to form sustainable companies and products. The efforts of Incubation Center at BU Islamabad has been duly recognized twice by World Bank in its independent annual report as the top 3 University Incubators in the Pakistan.

Business Accelerator Program offers a 6-months tailor-made program for later-stage startups looking to go beyond the development of their product by scaling their business. They provide the support and resources necessary to building a sustainable company and scaling up every aspect of the business.

Our top priority is to nurture long-term relationships with our startups and partners that generate long-term value for all involved. Special liaison offices have been allocated for Industrial Partners/Stakeholders. The aim of creation of the ILO’s is to foster synergies between industry and academic stakeholders (Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs).

Research Centers are an integral part of the BIC. The centers aim to provide, and advocate practice-oriented research and education focused on indigenous and housed researches. By establishing research centers of pure excellence backed by vision and professionalism, the Bahria University aims to solve various difficult problems faced by modern society and to fulfill its obligations to the future of our motherland and humanity.

With dedicated state of the art training and consulting space, TDLC has been working on improving and further enhancing skill sets via initiatives to such as Leadership and Soft skills development Programs, Short courses and tailored designed training, workshops, mentorship and Professional counselling for startups, students, faculty and professionals.