Bakhtawar Mahmood
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Published on: September 1, 2021

Bakhtawar Mahmood is the next generation ?????? and is among the top 10 media  ?????????? ????????????? in the country, who are changing the industry landscape with innovation and foresight in line with the fourth industrial revolution. She had been responsible for organizational transformation at (DBTV Live) the Digital Broadcast Television as the #General  Manager and now working as Managing Director at Being Professional.
????????? has an essential role in building teams, establishing new departments, designing operational plans and organizational structure on a horizontal-based growth enterprise with creativity as a core value. She has been involved extensively in developing Corporate Academia Linkages and automation of alumni knowledge-platforms for ???????? and ???????? ???????????? in Islamabad. Her part of the job included career counseling, professional development and mentoring of students and future leaders.
She’s a professional moderator and a public speaker, while she has delivered lectures across Pakistan, she has also represented Pakistan at multiple international platforms. She has keenly implicated a number of projects effectively and helped deliver ??????? ?????????? ???????? professionally. Her latest research has been lauded for the “Moderating Role of a Qualified Project Manager in Conducting Projects Successfully” internationally. ????????? lives in Islamabad and has keen interest in writing, especially on social issues impacting society. “The more time you give yourself to complete a goal, the more likely you’ll achieve it. By undertaking new goals with deliberate slowness, you increase the chance you can achieve lasting success.”