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Published on: September 1, 2021

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They say Allah is the best of planners. I completely agree with this notion as I have personally experienced it. During my earlier education period I was never a serious or devoted student, mostly because I was studying subjects that I had no interest in. But when I joined Bahria University Islamabad for BBA, I started performing well as I developed interest in the courses offered. Being more conscious about my career, I would try to find internships almost every summer and would always look for opportunities to learn and broaden my experience.
After graduating in 2014 with Cum Laude, I started working in a bank and simultaneously joined an academy for CSS prep. When I joined the academy, I had no prior knowledge about the CSS exam. I had only heard from my friends and family that it is perhaps the most prestigious job to do in Pakistan. My father had motivated me to give it a try and I thought why not. But while I was preparing, I never considered CSS to be my only career path. I had backup plans and therefore I was working and studying at the same time.
For CSS prep, I stuck to some basic tips that really helped me. I used the internet for most of my knowledge. I would read editorials every single day because that is how you are able to form an opinion and answer questions in almost every subject. I divided my time between subjects and stuck to the plan. I practiced essay and précis and got it checked because that feedback was very important.
In April 2016, when I was least expecting it, I got to know that I had passed my exam and got allocated to the Inland Revenue Service as Assistant Commissioner. It was truly the happiest day of my life. That day I understood that having faith in your-self is so important. CSS was just a try and I never believed I could do it, but I cleared it in the first attempt and I am forever grateful to ALLAH.
My advice is to always plan well, set goals, be consistent and always dream big and have faith in your-self. This will lead you to success.