Affidavit Result
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Published on: August 24, 2023


Only For Result Awaited Candidates


(On Plain Paper)


I                                                      S/D/O   __________________ Application No.                   Resident of ______________  do solemnly affirm declare as under:

  1. That I am the deponent of this undertaking and hence fully conversant with the contents of this


  1. That I appeared in HSSC-II / BACHELOR / MASTER Examinations Session__________________from/Board/University_____________________vide Roll Number ____________


  1. I declare that I will be able to obtain _________ % marks as per eligibility criteria of the
  2. That the administration of Bahria University Karachi Campus has right to cancel my admission if I secure less than required percentage or fail to submit the result & IBCC Certificate in admission office till 26 OCTOBER 2023.


  1. That I will submit my documents attested by HEC and Equivalence Certificate from IBCC (whatever applicable). If I fail to submit these documents, Bahria University Karachi Campus has right to cancel my


  1. That the contents of this affidavit are correct to the best of my knowledge & belief and nothing has been concealed in this regards:


Application No:                                       Program Applied for:                                                     

Student Name:                                       Student Signature:                                         

Father’s Name:                                       Program applied for:                                      

Applied for Semester:                             Mobile No: