Bachelor in Business Administration 2 Year

The Department of Management Sciences offers a portfolio of programmes at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels, like: BBA, MBA, M.Phil and PhD. Our graduates enjoy a good employment rate in commerce and industry, which shows that employers repose confidence in their abilities. The Department is striving to become the best business school in the region.

* Choose Elective Courses of Finance from any list of Finance Electives of BBA, MBA and BS (A&F)

Road Map

Total Credit Hours: 76 Credit Hours


Course Code Subject CH
ENG 105 Functional English 3
ACC 102 Financial Accounting 3
QTM 120 Business Mathematics-II / Numeracy Skills 3
ECO 200 Economics 3
MKT 110 Principles of Marketing 3
MIS 161 IT in Business (word, excel) 3


Course Code Subject CH
FIN 202 Financial Management 3
ACC 391 Cost and Managerial Accounting 3
MGT 311 Career Exploring Management 3
QTM 205 Statistical Inference and Quantitative Research 3
HSS 301 Social & Psychological Development 3
ENG 132 Oral Communication (Public Speaking) 3


Course Code Subject CH
MIS 460 E Commerce 3
MGT 363 Entrepreneurship 3
BCM 204 Business Communication 3
HRM 353 Human Resource Management 3
Specialization-1 3
Specialization-2 3


Course Code Subject CH
SCM 360 Supply Chain Management 3
MGT 463 Corporate Skills 3
MGT 487 Change Management 3
RMT 240 Research Methods and Techniques 3
Specialization-3 3
Specialization-4 3

Summer Semester

Course Code Subject CH
SOC 111 Pakistan Studies 2
SOC 110/ ETH 102 Islamic Studies / Ethics 2

Note: Internship shall be undertaken after 2nd semester.

Bridging Courses

Course Code Subject CH
ACC 110 Financial Accounting 3
ECO 200 Economics 3
FIN 202 Financial Management 3
ACC 304 Cost and Managerial Accounting 3
PAK 101 Pakistan Studies 2
ISL 101 Islamic Studies 2

Electives Marketing:

Course Code Subject
MKT 610 International Marketing
MKT 655 Services Marketing
MKT 660 Strategic Marketing
MKT 665 Cases in Marketing
MKT 635 New Product Development
MKT 662 Brand Management
MKT 699 Social Media Marketing
MKT 696 Consumer Behavior And Psychology
MKT 620 Marketing Research
MKT 698 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT 650 Sales Management
MKT 620 Marketing Research
MKT 672 B to B and Personal Selling
MKT 663 Promotion and Advertising Management
MKT 689 Digital Marketing
MKT 691 Retail and Sales Management
MKT 692 Export Marketing
MKT 693 Marketing Issues in Pakistan
MKT 694 Public Rationing and Relationship Marketing
MKT695 Agriculture Marketing
MKT 603 Product Management
MKT 604 Distribution Management
MKT 605 Digital Analytics
MKT 606 Electronic CRM
MKT 697 Social Marketing


Course Code Subject
HRM 666 Negotiations and Conflict Management
HRM 648 Organizational Development
HRM 676 International Human Resource Management
HRM 677 Seminars In HRM
HRM 689 Recruitment and Selection
HRM 679 Performance Management
HRM 690 HRM and HRD
HRM 691 Career Planning and Strategic Compensation Management
HRM 660 Training and Development
HRM 670 HR Planning
HRM 664 Job Analysis and Design
HRM 649 HR Research Methods
HRM 682 Industrial Relations and Employment Laws
HRM 671 HR Information Systems
HRM 681 Strategic HRM
HRM 665 HR Theory and Practice
HRM 692 Organizational Psychology


Course Code Subject
FIN 663 Fundamentals of Behavioral Finance
FIN 690 Financial Modeling
FIN 698 Strategic Finance
FIN 612 Analysis of Financial Statements
FIN 619 Financial Derivatives
FIN 611 Corporate Finance
FIN 692 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 693 Cases in Corporate Finance
FIN 694 Money and Banking
FIN 695 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN 635 Management Corporate Turnaround
FIN 696 Financial Reporting
FIN 697 Taxation and Auditing
ACC 622 Accounting Information Systems
FIN 682 Corporate Restructuring
FIN 688 Islamic Finance Theory and Practices
FIN 649 Islamic Banking and Finance
ACC 609 Corporate Law
ACC 608 Advanced Corporate Reporting
FIN 662 Financial Institution Management
FIN 603 Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN 461 Fundamentals of Behavioral Finance


Course Code Subject
ENT 602 Cases in Entrepreneurship
ENT 603 Developing New Products and Services
ENT 620 Entrepreneurial Strategy in Emerging Markets
ENT 606 Innovations and Entrepreneurship
ENT 607 Managing Entrepreneurial Firms
ENT 608 Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship
ENT 622 Business Growth and Entrepreneurial Finance
ENT 612 Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENT 613 Organizations and Leading Change
ENT 614 Economic of Location and Transportation
ENT 621 Retailing and International Entrepreneurship
ENT 617 Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENT 619 Technology Entrepreneurship


Course Code Subject
MIS 655 Database Management System
MIS 620 System Analysis and Design
MIS 679 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
MIS 672 Web Application Development
MIS 625 Business Process Re-Engineering
MIS 680 Data Communication and Networking
MIS 681 Information Security and System Auditing
MIS 657 Knowledge Management Systems and Technologies
MIS 658 Business Intelligence and Decisions Support
MKT 605 Digital Analytics
MKT 607 Electronic CRM


Course Code Subject
SCM 619 Strategic SCM
OPM 611 Operations and Production Management
SCM 650 Total Quality Management
SCM 600 Inventory Management
SCM 614 Strategic Operation Management
SCM 615 Sourcing and Logistics Management
SCM 616 Supply Chain Modeling
SCM 617 Demand Forecasting
SCM 618 Pricing In SCM
SCM 520 Purchasing
SCM 630 Strategic Procurement in Supply Chain
SCM 631 Operational Planning in Supply Chain
SCM 632 Execution and Control of Operations in SCM
SCM 633 Master Planning of Resources in SCM
SCM 634 Detailed Scheduling and Planning In SCM
SCM 635 Strategic Management of Resources In SCM
SCM 636 Green Supply Chain Management – GSCM
SCM 637 Shipping in SCM
SCM 639 Operational Planning in Supply Chain
SCM 638 Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance
SCM 640 Supply Chain Implementation and Operations
SCM 701 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Maritime Management (Specialization / Standalone Electives): 3 CH each.

Course Code Course Title
MTM 101 Introduction to Maritime Industry
MTM 230 Introduction to Maritime Law and International Maritime Convention
MTM 215 Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
MTM 222 Introduction to Coastal Zone Management
MTM 304 Port Operations and Management
MTM 306 Shipping Operations and Management
MTM 322 Fisheries Resources & Management
MTM 401 Coastal Eco-Tourism Development and Management
MTM 403 Maritime Innovation & Entrepreneurship
MTM 526 Maritime Business: China Pakistan Perspective under CPEC
MTM 521 Maritime Business and HRM
MTM 527 Maritime Management: Concept and Applications
MTM 528 Contemporary Issues of Maritime Management
MTM 529 Maritime Management in Pakistan: Past, Present and Future
HRM 508 Marine Environments and Administration

Foreign Languages

CLE 401 Chinese Language