MS Islamic Banking & Finance

Program Scope

Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF) industry is one of the fastest growing industry nationwide. In recent years, Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan has experienced phenomenal growth. Islamic deposits – held by fully-fledged Islamic banks and Islamic windows of conventional banks – at present stand at 9.7% of total bank deposits in Pakistan: meaning that every 10th rupee is now being deposited in an Islamic bank account. Similarly assets managed by a bank offering Islamic Financial Services are 8.9% of banking assets in Pakistan. Total Islamic savings and investment are 8.2% of the total savings and investment in the banking sector of Pakistan. The ultimate scope of IBF program is not limited to promote Shariah adherence and authenticity on account of assurance, innovation and excellence, but to satisfy the market demand for trained professionals. The Master in Islamic Banking and Finance is addressed to all those who want to become future leaders and professional in the Islamic Banking and Finance. The program is designed for:

  • In-career personnel as well as fresh university graduates who are keen to acquire critical knowledge and skills in areas related to Islamic banking and finance and Islamic Shariah.
  • Managers and financial specialists in public and private organizations who wish to broaden the span of their knowledge and opportunities in the banking sector of Pakistan.


First Semester (12 Credit Hours)

S.No Course Code Course Titles Level Credit Hours
1 MSI-700 Islamic Economics and Financial Systems Core 3
2 MSI-701 Islamic Capital and Money Markets Core 3
3 MSI-702  Islamic Business Transactions Core 3
4  Elective 1 Specialization 3
Second Semester & Electives(12 Credit Hours )
S.No. Course Code Course Titles  


Credit Hours
1 MSI-703 Financial Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions Core 3
2 MSF-704 Financial Econometrics Core 3
3 Elective 2 Specialization 3
4 Elective 3 Specialization 3
Third Semester (6 Credit Hours)
S.No. Course Code Course Titles  


Credit Hours
1 MSISRD-800 Thesis Write-up 6

Total Credit Hours: 30

Core:               15

Dissertation:    6

Electives:        9

List of Electives:

S.No. Course Code Course Titles  


1 MSI-801 Fiqh for Islamic Banking & Finance Banking
2 MSI-802 Case Studies and Research in Islamic Banking & Finance Banking
3 MSI-803 Marketing of Islamic Banking Services Banking
4 MSI-804 Behavioral Finance Finance
5 MSI-805 Micro-Financing in Islamic Framework Finance
6 MSI-806 Islamic Insurance Finance
7 MSI-807 Risk Management in IFIs Management
8 MSI-808 Portfolio Management in Islamic Markets Management
9 MSI-809 Regulation & Management of Islamic Financial Institution Management