MS Supply Chain Management
Last updated on May 24th, 2019

In order to pursue its course to success, every organization has to conduct programs that are new, complex and unique from the programs of its competitors. Currently, Supply Chain Management has emerged as a major contributor to the economic uplift of many developing countries. Most developed countries are involved in providing SCM services to the countries that are busy in exporting and importing stuff around the world and thus earning huge foreign exchange. International certifications in Supply Chain Management have also emerged in the educational and institutional level that are making major inroads in the development and improvement of logistics and other supply chain related areas. PhD degrees in Supply Chain are also being offered by leading universities in the world to equip students with the tools and techniques of this dynamic knowledge area. Bahria University is a leading educational institute that is first in many areas in education. Looking at the importance of SCM, BU wishes to start an MS degree in Supply Chain Management from Fall-2015. The purpose is to impart professional SCM knowledge and skills to the students and make them capable of managing all kind of SCM services in an effort to boost the exports of the country the world over.

While there are a few universities and business schools in the country that are already engaged in this program, almost all of them focus tightly in classroom studies. Bahria University takes extra efforts to improve the communication skills that are necessary for industry – academic link which can spur an environment of mutual interest. It is also a landmark of Bahria University that it exposes its students to the industry visits that gives them the first hand information in how theory and practice interrelate with each other.

This program is designed for fresh graduates, professionals and practitioners who either work or plan to work in Supply Chain environment. This is why it has been made a weekend program. This degree prepares students to apply acquired professional knowledge and technical skills to manage procurement of all kind thus becoming competitive in the international markets.

Road Map

The MS Degree in Supply Chain Management is a 33-credit hour program. The 33-credit hour program takes place in three semesters and completes in a year and a half. It has two modules. Module-1 is subject based while module-2 has a research component in it. Both the modules are designed as per the instructions of HEC. First two semesters in both modules are common. The break-up is as under:

First Semester – 9 Credit Hours:

  1. Fundamentals of SCM
  2. Supplier Selection and Bid Evaluation
  3. Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement & Supply

Second Semester – 12 Credit Hours

  1. Business Research Methods focus on Supply Chain Management
  2. Inventory and Logistics Operations
  3. Operations Management & Supply Chain
  4. Contemporary Issues in SCM

Third Semester – 12 Credit Hours (Module 1)

  1. Strategic Supply Chain Mgt.
  2. Supply Chain Finance
  3. Elective-1
  4. Elective-2

Third Semester – 12 Credit Hours (Module 2)

  1. Strategic Supply Chain Mgt.
  2. Supply Chain Finance
  3. Research Thesis in SCM

Specialization (elective) Courses

  1. Leadership in SCM
  2. Managing Risks in Supply Chains.
  3. Supply Chain Diligence
  4. Category Management in Procurement and Supply
  5. Regulatory Framework for Trade Harmonization in International SCM
  6. Mathematical Modeling in SCM*
  7. Software Simulations in SCM*

*Computer Based Training in Labs