MS Management Sciences

Road Map

Bahria University is one of the leading universities of the country. It has signed agreements / MOUs with over 20 universities around the world and the number is growing. There has been repeated exchange of programs and exchange of students among these educational institutes. Bahria University is also committed in providing International Certifications to its students that improves international acceptability and credibility of its students / alumni.

The course contents that are listed below are the ones most suited in the current local and international market scenario. The course contents and the subjects offered may change over a period of time based on Bahria University collaboration with other notable institutes / organizations / International Certifications providers locally and worldwide. However the duration of the degree and the number of courses offered (18-months and 30-credit hours) will stay in line with the policies of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Semester-wise details of the courses offered are attached below:


Srl. # Course Code Course Title Level Cr. Hrs.
1 MGT701 Strategic Management: Contemporary Concepts, Theories and Applications Core 3
2 MGT702 Advanced Research Methodology and Proposal Development Core 3
3 MGT703 Advance Marketing Management: Concept and Applications Core 3
4 MGT XXX Elective (800 Levels) Elec 3



Srl. # Course Code Course Title Level Cr. Hrs.
1 MGT-704 Strategic Finance: Concepts and Applications of Contemporary Views Core 3
2 MGT XXX Elective (800 Levels) Elec 3
3 MGT XXX Elective (800 Levels) Elec 3
4 MGT XXX Elective (800 Levels) Elec 3


Srl. # Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 SDR 800 Supervised Research 6
2 SDR 800 Supervised Research In various phases of research as per progress of the studies
3 SDR 800 Supervised Research
4 SDR 800 Supervised Research
SDR 800 Supervised Research
SDR 800 Supervised Research
Total 6

List of Electives: The list is as given below. It provides areas for academic pursuits covering human resource, marketing and management.

Srl. # Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs
1. MGT 813 Contemporary Issues in International Marketing: Concepts and Applications 3
2. MGT 814 Corporate Governance and Sustainability 3
3. MGT 824 Globalization 3
4. MGT 817 HRM: Concepts and Applications 3
5. MGT 811 Change Management: Concepts and Applications 3
6. MGT 807 Leadership in Organizations: Concepts and Applications 3
7. MGT 835 Organizational Behaviour and Management 3
8. MGT 815 Financial Institution Management 3
9. MGT 825 International Business and Economic Perspectives 3
10. MGT 828 Financial Econometrics 3

Note: The course levels will remain the same; however code numbers may slightly be adjusted as per university’s system.