M Phil Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychologists go through vigorous training’s in administering psychological tests, interpreting the results and diagnosing patients. This training includes writing reports and learning how to evaluate reports and referrals. They are further trained for conducting therapeutic sessions using the various theories of Psychotherapy (like Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic etc) focusing on techniques and styles specially designed for the treatment of specific disorders. The students practice through role playing, behavioral rehearsals, modeling and content analysis of their sessions. They are provided with expert supervision by practicing psychologists and Professors with years of clinical and supervisory experience.

Road Map

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Contract Hours
Total Theory Lab
CPSY 711 Advanced Research Methods in Psychology 3 2 1
CPSY 721 Techniques and Tools of Psychological Assessments 3 2 1
CPSY 731 Classical Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 3
CPSY 741 Neurophysiology 3 3

Summer Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Total Theory Lab
CPSY 710 Internship I 6 6

Semester 2

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours
Total Theory Lab
CPSY 712 Statistical Interferences in Psychology 3 3
CPSY 722 Advanced Psycho-diagnosis 3 2 1
CPSY 732 Contemporary Approaches to Psychotherapies 3 3
CPSY 742 Pharmacology 3 3