PhD International Relations

Programme Contents

  1. Course Work (18 Credit hours)
  2. Comprehensive Exam.
  3. Dissertation (36 credit hours)
  4. Final Defense.
  5. The course work shall be completed with minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0.

Scheme of Study

S. No Course Semester Status Credit Hours
1 Compulsory-I 1st Compulsory 3
2 Compulsory-II 1st Compulsory 3
3 Optional I 1st Elective 3
4 Optional II 2nd Elective 3
5 Optional III 2nd Elective 3
6 Optional IV 2nd Elective 3

 List of Compulsory Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IRS-701 Advanced Course on Theories of International Relations 3
IRS-702 Advanced Course on Research Methodology 3

List of Electives

IRS-750United States Foreign Policy3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IRS-721 Theories of Comparative Politics 3
IRS-722 Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues in International Politics 3
IRS-723 South Asia in Global Politics 3
IRS-724 Middle East in Global Politics 3
IRS-725 South East Asia in Global Politics 3
IRS-726 Central Asia in Global Politics 3
IRS-727 Latin America in Global Politics 3
IRS-728 Africa in Global Politics 3
IRS-729 Contemporary Muslim World 3
IRS-730 Comparative Study of Foreign Policies of Major Powers 3
IRS-731 Politics and Foreign Policy of USA 3
IRS-732 Politics and Foreign Policy of China 3
IRS-733 Politics and Foreign Policy of Russia 3
IRS-734 International Law and Organization 3
IRS-735 Regionalism: Theory and Practice 3
IRS-736 International Political Economy 3
IRS-737 Advanced Strategic Studies 3
IRS-738 Nuclear Studies 3
IRS-739 Contemporary Conflict Resolution 3
IRS-740 Media and International Relations 3
IRS-741 Contemporary Critical Debates in International Relations 3
IRS-742 Issues in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: Seminar Course 3
IRS-743 International Environmental Politics 3
IRS-744 Globalization, Modern State And Society 3
IRS-745 Dynamics of Security in International Relations 3
IRS-746 Dynamics of Modern Diplomacy 3
IRS-747 Climate Change, Sustainable Development & International Security 3
IRS-748 Refugees and Forced Migrants in International Relations 3
IRS-749 Politics of the Indian Ocean 3
IRS-703 Advanced Course on Foreign Policy Analysis 3
Research Themes of International Relations

The subject of International Relations is vast, diverse and dynamic which calls for an interdisciplinary approach of inquiry. The International Relations program provides the scholars with the comprehensive understanding, insight and the confidence to view the world. Additionally, it provides scholars with a broader perspective and theoretical foundations so that they can analyze contemporary and future international issues and be able to offer innovative solutions for global peace, harmony and cooperation.
The potential research themes / areas are as follows:

  • CPEC – Game Changer
  • Citizenship, Justice and Democracy
  • Globalization, Development & Inequality
  • Government & Public Policy
  • Institutions, Risk & Security
  • Migration & Membership
  • Cybersecurity and Technology
  • Defense and Security
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Global Health
  • Human Rights
  • International Development