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Published on: January 17, 2022

BATCH 2008 TO 2014

From college to a full-time professional, the transition is always fraught with barriers and roadblocks. It’s not just the learning & knowledge that helps you to grow, but also the mistakes you make and the courage to acknowledge & improve upon them that leads to a successful career path. Interestingly, this thought commenced the transition of me becoming a consummate professional and I highly attribute this to the prestigious Bahria University. With my 6+years at the university gaining knowledge, experience, respect, and valuable relations, I was Event management head for ~3 years leading 31 educational & 16 entertainment projects which include some of the largest events like Noori Basant, BUMUN, and DJ Party 2012. Based on the primary skill I gained at the university, I started my journey into the real world by joining an event management co. organizing wedding events at SHB & cricket matches screening at port grand. This helped me to gain hands-on experience which gradually led to the inception of launching a start-up with a couple of friends. We initiated Pakistan’s first social media-based clothing line under the brand called “Loud Tees”. Lately, I realized this wave had gone viral among the juniors and helped them get inspired to get liftoff their own startups.

To scale up the business and learn more about the online business post my MBA I headed towards Dubai where I joined the leading e-commerce company in the gulf called “Souq.com” (a $700m valued company). From an escalation specialist in 2014, with the grace of Allah, I got promoted up the ladder quickly managing categories like sports, automotive & tools as an independent category manager. For my performance, I was also accolated with Best Account Manager in 2016. Souq.com was later acquired by the largest e-commerce company in the world “Amazon” in 2017. This helped me to grow my horizon and scope of work and I was soon made Retail Vendor & Category manager for Toys in 2018 [one of the highest valued categories]. I have worked closely with world-renowned brands such as Lego, Hasbro, Mattel, Xiaomi, Black & Decker, Nike, and Adidas. The passion and enthusiasm for work lead me to outperform and I was soon recognized with the “Awesome Amazonian” award in the first All hands meeting 2019 (UAE). Again, I am highly grateful to Allah, my parents, friend, and to the esteemed Bahria University to have set the right foundation which helped me lead to where I am. It’s a long way to go I would like to grow further and pay back Pakistan in whatever I can…!

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