1st National Conference on Iqbal at Bahria University
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Published on: September 26, 2019

Bahria University Islamabad Organized the 1st National Conference on Iqbal

Dates: 28-29 November 2019

صفت برق چمکتا ہے مرا فکر بلند

کہ بھٹکتے نہ پھريں ظلمت شب ميں راہی


Although more than seventy years have passed since the inception of Pakistan, Iqbal’s dream of a Muslim welfare state still remains to be realized. We earnestly believe that Iqbal’s Qur’anic thought and philosophy has to be practically integrated into all aspects of human and national development in Pakistan, for this country to become a model Islamic state.

The objective of this conference is to actively explore Iqbal’s philosophical and practical guidance through academic exercise and to investigate ways for its implementation in different domains of an Islamic state.

This conference will run in four tracks: Human and Social Sciences, Law, Psychology and Media. The main theme of this conference is

فلسفہ اقبال کی آفاقیت اور اسکی شخصی و سماجی افادیت

‘The inclusiveness of Iqbal’s philosophy and its potential for personal and social change’

  • Date:               28-29 November
  • Venue:             Ibn Khuldun Auditorium, Bahria University Islamabad Campus
  • Organizers:      Iqbal Chair Bahria University & Gosha Iqbal
  • Director Conference: Dr. Umer Hayat,
  • Contact Number:        +92 334 8641234
  • E-Mail: iqbalconference@bahria.edu.pk
  • Website: https://iqbalconference.bahria.edu.pk/