Burjes Volume 1

ISSN: 2415-2234
Released: JUNE, 2016


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Bahria University Research Journal of Earth Sciences (BURJES) is a peer reviewed international journal. The aim of BURJES is to promote Pakistan specific research in domains of Earth Sciences emphasizing on Geophysics, Geology and Environmental Sciences. Under the brand theme of Bahria University “Discovering Knowledge”, BURJES provides a worthy platform for geophysicists, geologists, seismologists and environmentalists to outsource their potential research/studies.

Pakistan’s sedimentary basins continue to hold promise for new exciting discoveries particularly in offshore, which are relatively under-explored and have become main areas of focus. The offshore potential surely has a significant bearing on the economy of our province and the country. A commercial discovery in offshore area is likely to shore up exploration activities to transform the oil and gas status of Pakistan. Further, the shale/tight oil formations internationally are receiving a special attention of the geoscientists and the technologists. The U.S. shale/tight oil success could be a paradigm-shifter for the oil world to new unconventional resources. To harvest the maximum benefits from petroleum development (conventional or unconventional), we need to understand the earth system and new hydrocarbon industry. The education of geophysical technology, geology, and the environmental impact has to enlighten the society, preferably to the youth of the country, for employment and the bright future that is linked with the growth of natural resources.