Student Counselling Session
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Published on: June 20, 2017

Student Counselling Session

Student Counseling is an exceptionally important part of a student’s academic career, specifically in the Pakistani context. This is due to the fact that students (specifically in the social sciences) are unaware of the options they have and which they can avail to become successful and effective members of the society. Keeping this aim in mind, Ms Saira Nawaz Abbasi conducted a counselling session with the students of BSS 3 in order to broaden their horizons and equip them with pertinent information regarding International Relations. The third semester is at a crucial stage, as this group of students have the momentous task of choosing their majors which in turn determine their futures.



Miss Saira Nawaz Abbasi opened the session with a general introduction, going on to illustrate the benefits of studying IR as well as the job opportunities available after a thorough grounding in the social sciences with an emphasis in IR. The session was an example of an in depth discussion and problem resolution, coming together in a friendly and open environment. A few senior students also participated and made the session even more effective with their feedback and contribution. Students have been encouraged due to the motivation and insight provided to them by Ms Abbasi before this as well and many were motivated to take up IR simply due to the insight provided by the session.



The session included Ms Sanabil giving a brief overview of the courses that H&SS offers and then the faculty opened the floor for a question and answer session which the students found very helpful. Sessions like these are not only very beneficial for the students but also make the department of H&SS be recognized for its friendly and helpful faculty and environment.