Last modified on: July 16th, 2021
Last updated on July 16th, 2021

MS in International Relations MS (IR)

Bahria University offers 2 years MS degree in International Relations. The MS Degree offers a research track to the students along with the course work required to be completed. The degree seeks to impart both theoretical and research knowledge to the students. This degree offers specialization to students who have a bachelor’s degree in related social sciences field.


Objectives of the Program

The MS degree is designed to achieve a number of objectives which are in consonance with the mission of BU. Bahria is committed to making a valuable contribution in strengthening of the nation by providing quality education to the students. The aim of this degree is to acquaint the students with international relations and affairs which is not only important but a desirable field around the world. Furthermore, students will be taught in an analytical and critical manner where they would be able to apply their knowledge in the practical life eventually.
Admission Requirements

Candidates  must  hold  16  years  of  education  from  a  recognized  university  with  majors  in International Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, Development Studies, Political Science, Gender Studies, Behavioral Sciences and Pakistan Studies or in a related field. the students must have a minimum CGPA of 2.5/4.0 or 50% marks where CGPA is not given. The students must also clear an admission test taken under BU rules (passed with minimum 50% marks) and a board interview to get admission.
Program Requirements

All MS programme students are required to complete 30 credit hours with 24 hours in course work and 6 hours in research/thesis. MS students are required to complete their degree within two years. The extended duration of MS programmes shall be twice the regular/minimum duration. The student shall be required to pay the required amount of fee(s) applicable to the extended period. Beyond the extended duration, the programme shall become time-barred. Waiver to the time-bar may be granted for one regular semester only and under very special cases, with the approval of the Rector. If waiver is granted, the student shall be required to pay the required fee(s).