Dr. Latafat Aziz
Category: Faculty
Published on: November 3, 2016
Last updated on July 22nd, 2022
Personal Information
Campus Islamabad latafat-photo
Department H&SS
Designation Assistant Professor
Name Dr. Latafat Aziz
(HEC Approved Supervisor)
Email latafat.buic@bahria.edu.pk
Phone (Office Ext) +92-51-9260002-Ext 1616
Research Area Sociology of Gender, Families and Generations
Number of Publications Journals = 21
Conferences = 03
Degree Passing Year Majors University
PhD Sociology 2022 Sociology International Islamic University, Islamabad
M.Phil. Anthropology 2013 Anthropology Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
MSc Sociology
2010 Sociology International Islamic University, Islamabad
Teaching Experience
Designation From To Organization
Assistant Professor July 2021 Till Date Bahria University, Islamabad
Senior Lecturer June 2019 June 2021 Bahria University, Islamabad Campus
Lecturer January 2016 June 2019 Bahria University, Islamabad
Visiting Faculty Spring 2014 Spring 2016 International Islamic University, Islamabad

Details of Publications

Sr. No. Name of FM Paper Title Journal Title Date of Publication Journal Category
1 Dr. Latafat Aziz Afghanistan Conundrum: From Intelligence Havoc to Sustainable Peace Elementary Education Online 2021-02-25 HEC Recognized
2 Dr. Latafat Aziz Violence Against Women Health Workers: A Qualitative Study On Causes, Motives And Mitigation Framework Pal Arch’s journal of archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology 2021-01-13 HEC Recognized
3 Dr. Latafat Aziz United States Trend Of Deviating From Arms Control Treaties And Its Impact On Global Security System Elementary Education Online 2020-11-15 HEC Recognized
4 Dr. Latafat Aziz Episteme and Experiences about Pashtunwali: The Standpoint of Pashtun Women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Pakistan Journal of Social Research 2021-09-15 HEC Recognized
5 Dr. Latafat Aziz The Politics Of‘ Power To Blame’ At OPCW And Pakistan’s Policy Pursuits Elementary Education Online 2020-11-15 HEC Recognized
6 Dr. Latafat Aziz Strangers In Paradise: The Case Of Working-Class Students In Elite Universities Of Pakistan Pakistan Journal of Society Education and Language 2021-07-12 HEC Recognized
7 Dr. Latafat Aziz A Review Of Health Rights And Issues Faced By Trans genders: Empirical Evidences Elementary Education Online 2020-11-16 HEC Recognized
8 Dr. Latafat Aziz Religious Extremism in South Asia: Maintenance of Status Quo Psychology and Education 2021-03-30 HEC Recognized
9 Dr. Latafat Aziz Social Epidemiological Analysis Of Risk Factors And Psychosocial Burden Of Beta Thalassemia Major (BTM) In Pakistan Elementary Education Online 2021-05-19 HEC Recognized
10 Dr. Latafat Aziz Conceptualizing Human Security in South Asia: Patterns of Challenges Psychology and Education 2021-03-30 HEC Recognized
11 Dr. Latafat Aziz A Comparative Study Evaluating Performance of Old Traffic Police (OTP) & New Traffic Police(NTP) in Twin Cities (Rawalpindi & Islamabad) South Asian Studies Journal 2014-01-01 HEC Recognized
12 Dr. Latafat Aziz Hijab at Workplace: Tracing Mechanism of Discrimination in Pakistan Psychology and Education 2021-03-22 HEC Recognized
13 Dr. Latafat Aziz Child Marriage: Challenges & Issues in Policy Making and Implementation in Pakistan Elementary Education Online 2020-11-15 HEC Recognized
14 Dr. Latafat Aziz A REVIEW OF STRUCTURAL FACTORS PREDICTING POLICEPERFORMANCE IN PAKISTAN Palarch’s journal of archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology 2021-01-13 HEC Recognized
15 Dr. Latafat Aziz Pakistan? Policy Postures towards Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): An Analysis Psychology and Education 2021-01-29 HEC Recognized
16 Dr. Latafat Aziz An Anthropological Analysis of Dreams and their Perceived Interpretation in Rural Islamabad, Pakistan Talent Development and Excellence 2021-01-29 HEC Recognized
17 Dr. Latafat Aziz Crack a Book: An Ethnographic Account of Dreams’ Interpretation in Pakistan Palarch’s journal of archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology 2010-11-10 HEC Recognized
18 Dr. Latafat Aziz Adaptation of VB (Vartan Bhanji ) in Urban Centers: Tracking Signs of Cultural Lag in an Evolving Pakistan Elementary Education Online 2021-03-25 HEC Recognized
19 Dr. Latafat Aziz Factors Affecting Public Trust in Police: A Study of Twin Cities(Rawalpindi & Islamabad) Pakistan Journal of Criminology 2015-10-01 HEC Recognized

Details of Conference Papers

S.No. Name of FM Paper Title Conference Title Conference Date
1 Dr. Latafat Aziz Religion and Interpretation of Dreams: An Ethnographic Evidence from Pakistan International Symposium on Religious Life, Yogyakarta (Indonesia) 2018-11-06
2 Dr. Latafat Aziz Sociological Study of Violent Behavior of Police in Rawalpindi
National Conference on Emerging Discourses in Social Sciences BUIC 2018-05-10
3 Dr. Latafat Aziz Social Class, Culture & Educational Attainments: A Sociological Analysis of Working Class Students in the Elite Universities of Pakistan International Conference on Arts, Education and Social Sciences, Oslo, Norway 2019-05-03